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CARTON of SM900 1/4" X2500' 10.5" Hub ECO Pack

$739.00 Per carton
$36.95 Per reel

Image of CARTON of SM900 1/4" X2500' 10.5" Hub ECO Pack

We are currently experiencing 3 week lead times on ALL CARTON orders. Please contact us directly if you have a time sensitive carton quantity order.

This product listing is for a CARTON (20 reels) of SM900 1/4 inch tape.

Save on per reel costs when you buy in carton quantities!

SM900 is the most transparent tape on the market. It has headroom, allowing for the greatest dynamic range. This is a high biased tape and it should be respected by your equipment.

High Output
Wide Dynamic Range
High Level Uniformity
Multi-Track Recording
Low Noise