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CARTON of LPR35 1/4" X3600' 10.5" Hub ECO Pack

$790.00 Per carton
$39.50 Per reel

Image of CARTON of LPR35 1/4" X3600' 10.5" Hub ECO Pack

We are currently experiencing 3 week lead times on ALL CARTON orders. Please contact us directly if you have a time sensitive carton quantity order.

This product listing is for a CARTON (20 reels) of LPR35 1/4" tape.

Save on per reel costs when you buy in carton quantities!

LPR35 tape for longer recordings. Similar to the SM911, the LPR35 is the longest tape available and has a wide array of uses. LPR35 is very easy on equipment due to the pliable and durable tape.

1.0mil Tape
Longest Available Tape - Long Play Version of SM911
Only Available in 1/4in
Doesn't Stretch
No Layer to Layer Bleed
Better Head Wrap