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RTM fox C60 Type 1 Cassette

$5.00 Each

Image of RTM fox C60 Type 1 Cassette
  • Image of RTM fox C60 Type 1 Cassette


• Width: 3,81mm
• Length: 87.5m
• Recording time: 60min max

Based on the based on legendary SM900 formula!

You are buying Recording The Masters brand modern analog magnetic tape with black back-coating individually designed for giving extra high-output, wide dynamic range, low noise, low print and with excellent winding properties.

Our Factory Fresh Tape is being transitioned into a new Recording The Masters packaging. The packaging being transitioned includes brands such as RMG, and PYRAL and Recording the Masters. The packaging shown may be identified with labeling with one of the 3 above companies.

You can trust RTM tapes the same as the EMTEC/BASF/AGFA formulations you've come to know and trust. Quantegy/Ampex product cross reference to RMGI tapes. If you need a recommendation for your usage requirements please let us share our expertise.

If you haven't heard Quantegy/Ampex is no longer manufacturing tapes. Their tapes don't age well so be warned about purchasing any Quantegy/Ampex new-old stock. If you are seeking earlier dated brands such as; Ampex, Zonal, Quantegy, AGFA, Maxell, and BASF (these tapes have been manufactured for 15+ years) please contact us so we can accommodate you as best as possible, and give advice as to what are the best replacements for you.