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Quantegy 480 2" x 5000' in Tape Care Library Shipper

$249.95 Each

Quantegy’s 480 series mastering tapes are uniquely designed for a wide range of applications. 480 tapes offer the lowest print-through specifications, along with an extremely wide dynamic range. This was the last tape made by Quantegy before they went out of business. The ironic part is they finally made a stable tape and then went out of business. The tape comes in a Tape Care Library Shipper. It is 5000' long on a 14" reel which may be too large for some machines. It can be spooled onto a smaller 10.5 take-up reel for use on smaller machines.

Designed For Live Recordings Where Extended Time/ Length on 1 Reel is Demanded & Priceless!
1 Hour & 6 Minute Recording Time @ 15 IPS
33 Minute Recirding Time @ 30 IPS
Unsurpassed low print-through
Extremely wide dynamic range
Outstanding reel-to-reel consistency