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Burlington Recording 1/2"x 3600' Extended PRO Series Reel To Reel Tape 10.5" NAB Metal Reel 1 Mil

$118.95 Each

The Burlington Recording PRO Series Reel To Reel Tape was designed specifically as an economical choice of standard quality.

Burlington Recording Reel To Reel Tape is only the 3rd brand of Reel To Reel Tape along with RTM & ATR and our own creation.

Burlington Recording is a collaboration between the United States and Europe to produce this high quality and unique Analog Recording Tape and We offer many Reel To Reel Tape configurations exclusive only to Burlington Recording in our MASTER and PRO Series.

Thanks again for being a valued Burlington Recording client and "Long Live Analog"!

Burlington Recording/ AnalogTapes is the world's largest and reputable distributor of Reel To Reel and Audio Tapes and related accessories, a second generation business located in Boynton Beach, Florida where the Burlington Recording brand of Reel To Reel, recording media and accessories were born. We’ve been selling all formats of products for the music/ recording industry collectively since 1967.

This product listing is for 1 Reel of Burlington Recording 1/2" x 3600' PRO Series Reel To Reel Tape on 10.5" Heavy Duty NAB Metal Reel 1.0 Mil in a White Hinged Box.
Part Number: BRLPR12PRO10.5R

Save on per reel costs when you buy in carton quantities with FREE DOMESTIC GROUND SHIPPING & DISCOUNTED INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!

Also available on the following Color 10.5" Heavy Duty NAB Metal Reels at no extra cost, please put a note in your order if you want to customize as follows:

The PRO Series formulation gives you an excellent value.
Precision slit and backcoated on a polyester base film of 1.0 mil thickness.

This tape has a broad spectrum of bias compatibility starting at +3 dB while maintaining a standard distortion tolerance. It has standard headroom and it achieves consistent performance throughout the entire frequency range while producing a warm analog sound that you have come to expect and desire.

Burlington Recording PRO Series tape….."Standard performance at the right price with the Professional parameters that you require"

Burlington Recording Reel To Reel Tape is produced in a state of the art Certified System Quality ISO 9001 facility.

Burlington Recording PRO Series Reel To Reel Tape offers low noise, standard output performance resulting in good signal-to-noise ratio. An exceptionally smooth recording surface enhances close tape-to-head contact and allows standard frequency response.


PRO Series offers a broad spectrum of bias compatibility while maintaining a high distortion tolerance.

Width: 1/2" format
Length: 3600'
Thickness: 1.0 mil
Packed in a White Hinged Reel Box
On 10.5" Heavy Duty NAB Metal Reel
Excellent Winding, Even at High Speeds
Multi-Track Recording
Standard Level Uniformity
Standard DC Noise