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CAP914 1/4" X1200' 7" Plastic Reel Hinged Box

$28.95 Each

Image of CAP914 1/4" X1200' 7" Plastic Reel Hinged Box

This product listing is for 1 Reel of Capture Series 914 1/4 inch tape.

Capture 914 is the world’s newest tape, and at the same time is very retro. It is a low noise, high output tape, resulting in excellent signal-to-noise ratio with +2.5 dB headroom tape and an exceptionally smooth recording surface that enhances close tape-to-head contact and allows improved high frequency response, this helps It achieve consistent performances, a warm sound, and it is standard bias, specifically bias compatible with the classic Ampex 456. You will be very happy with the savings and the sound.

Capture 930 is the long-play version of Capture 914. If you need Capture 930please check our other listings.