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Rubber Renew 408A-125ML 125ML Liquid Bottle

$23.95 Each

Image of Rubber Renew  408A-125ML 125ML Liquid Bottle

Rubber Renue restores old rubber parts that have become hard and lost their tackiness and flexibility. Firstly, it causes the rubber part to swell, allowing dirt to come out of its pores. Later, the solvent dries and the rubber returns to form, but tacky again, so rollers and platens have their grip back. It is great for returning flexibility to rubber belts as well.

This product utilizes strong solvents and is not for general use in home or office. It is intended for use in professional maintenance and repair operations. Use only in well ventilated areas.

Rejuvenates old dry hard rubber
Restores tackiness
Restores flexibility and elasticity

- Cleaning and restoring flexibility to belts or conveyors.

- Cleaning and restoring tackiness to platens and rollers.

- Seals.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rubber Renew is not California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant. However, Rubber Renew is CARB compliant when diluted 25% with acetone. If you are purchasing this in one of the following CARB compliant states or territory, you need to dilute for it to be CARB Compliant:
- Connecticut
- Delaware
- Maine
- Maryland
- Massachusetts
- New Jersey
- New Mexico
- New York
- Oregon
- Pennsylvania
- Rhode Island
- Vermont
- Washington state
- Washington D.C.