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CAP914 1/4" X2500' 10.5" Metal Reel Hinged Box

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Image of CAP914 1/4" X2500' 10.5" Metal Reel Hinged Box
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This product listing is for 1 Reel of Capture Series 914 1/4 inch tape.

Capture Series 914 & 930 are value recording tapes with great performance. They perform better than yesteryear's duplicating tapes but not quite as well as today's most modern formulations. These tapes are bias compatible with Ampex 456, and feature an overall warm and unique sound as well as solid tape handling. For more critical mastering purposes we recommend RTM tape, but Capture is a solid alternative for less critical applications. CAP914 & CAP930 are available in 1/4" width only.

Capture Series 914 Open Reel Tape offers low noise, high output performance resulting in excellent signal-to-noise ratio.

This is 1/4" x 2500' on a 10-1/2" NAB Metal Reel in an Individual Box.

Capture 914 is a quality recording tape that provides standard bias (+2.5/) Similar to the classic Ampex 456 Maxell UDXL2, 3M 206, and 3M 226 by using a new stable formulation. High output, low distortion, low noise and back coated, for studio or home use. For outstanding recording/playback results….try Capture and hear the difference!

An exceptionally smooth recording surface enhances close tape-to-head contact and allows improved high frequency response.

Now introducing Capture audio recording tape produced in a state of the art Certified System Quality ISO 9001 facility. Precision slit and backcoated on high quality polyester film base.

Capture Series 914 offers a broad spectrum of bias compatibility while maintaining a high distortion tolerance.

Width: 1/4"
Length: 2500'
Thickness: 1.5 mil