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Capture Brand Tape

Capture 914/930 Audio Tape

 "Optimum performance at the right price with professional parameters that you expect"

Produced in a state of the art Certified System Quality ISO 9001 facility. This ensures you of the highest production standards.

The formulation gives you excellent performance ensuring low noise while providing outstanding recording results. Precision slit and backcoated on high quality polyester base film of both 1 mil. and 1.5 mil thickness. This tape has a broad spectrum of bias compatibility while maintaining a high distortion tolerance.

Series 914: Audio Recording Tape 1/4”x 2500’. Excellent High Output, Low noise, Backcoated 1.5 mil. Available as pancake on hub or on NAB Aluminum Reel w/setup box.

 Series 930: Audio Recording Tape ¼” x 3600’. Excellent High Output, Low Noise, Backcoated 1 mil. Available as pancake on hub or on NAB Aluminum Reel w/setup box. 

Both Series 914 and Series 930 Capture Open Reel Tape offer low noise, high output performance resulting in excellent signal-to-noise ratio. An exceptionally smooth recording surface enhances close tape-to-head contact and allows improved high frequency response. 

Special attention is given during manufacture to maintain uniformity within each batch and between batches to meet the consistency needs of demanding users. Extra care is given to slitting and winding to assure that tapes handle well at all winding speeds. 

The magnetic coatings used for Capture Series 914 and Series 930 are the exact same formulations and raw materials. The only difference is the tape thickness. Therefore, the recording characteristics will not be noticeably different.